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Air365 Air Quality app helps monitor and improve indoor air quality

Air365 offers a skill for accessing your Air365 device’s sensor values with Amazon Alexa’s voice controls as well as providing educational information about air quality, air pollutants, their sources, and what to do in order to improve indoor air quality.

It also will help people with respiratory problems manage their conditions better by controlling their exposure to air pollutants that act as environmental triggers for conditions.
Air365 skill for Amazon Alexa also helps users to educate themselves about air pollutants and navigate their indoor air quality.
IAQ Data is collected by Air365 monitor which is part of this application.

Some examples of interacting with the skill are:

     "What's my current air quality"
     "Can I have a daily air quality tip"

You can also ask a range of FAQs about air quality, such as:

     "How does paint impact air quality?"
     "What temperature is best for a room?"
     "Are condensation, damp, and mould a risk to health?"
     "How can I protect myself from pollen allergies?"
     "What safety measures should I take when using a wood burner?"  
     "How does smoking and vaping impact air quality?"

*This skill does not provide medical advice, and is for informational and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Call your clinician to receive medical advice. If you think you may have a medical emergency, please dial your local emergency response phone number.*

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